Table of Contents

This tutorial is based on these slides and is intended as a complement of them.

1. Performance analysis with gprof and valgrind tools

The first part of the tutorial is only available with the slides.

2. Performance analysis with intel suite on hou10ni

The goal of this tutorial is to visualize an execution of the hou01ni code viewed in the hands-on 2D-3D modeling. It is once again based on the slides. We summarize the instructions to follow here.

2.1. Step 0: Go to a miriel node

salloc -n 24  -p hpc 
squeue -u $USER
# checkout your miriel node, here miriel005
ssh -Y miriel005

2.2. Step 1: Optional: recompile hou10ni in debug mode

git clone https://gitlab.inria.fr/fuentes/hou10ni_school_2019.git
cd hou10ni_school_2019 
mkdir build
cd build
# enter guix environment
guix environment --pure maphys --ad-hoc maphys pastix starpu vim -- /bin/bash --norc
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
make -j 4
# exit guix environment

2.3. Step 2: Instrument

guix environment --pure maphys --ad-hoc maphys pastix starpu vim emacs -- /bin/bash --norc
export PATH=$PATH:/cm/shared/modules/intel/ivybridge/parallel_studio/2019_update4/advisor/bin64
# Un comment this if needed: 
# cd ${HOME}/hou10ni_school_2019/build
mpirun -np 1 advixe-cl --collect survey --project-dir=Hou10ni --ignore-checksums --no-auto-finalize ./hou10ni_lite.out < param_simple_maphys.txt
mpirun -np 1 advixe-cl --collect tripcounts --ignore-checksums --project-dir=Hou10ni --flop --no-trip-counts -- ./hou10ni_lite.out < param_simple_maphys.txt
exit # env
# exit # uncomment if you want to vizualie on the frontal node

2.4. Step 3: visualize on miriel or

# ssh -Y miriel005
# Uncomment that possibly
# export PATH=$PATH:/cm/shared/modules/intel/ivybridge/parallel_studio/2019_update4/advisor/bin64

Once the graphical interface is opened, in the menu you can selec File, Open->Project, select the Hou10ni repository (because of the --project-dir=Hou10ni above option). You can switch between the roofline and summary by clicking on the respective vertical buttons.

Author: Inria Bordeaux Sud Ouest

Created: 2021-06-10 Thu 18:01